Solar Control Security Film

Sputtering is the most complicated procedure for creating window film. This process is also carried out in a vacuum but the metallization in this process is achieved at atomic level.

High-end Technology

Hypergard advanced and excellent coating & laminating technology, we could succeed in development and mass production of high quality heat shielding film of Automotive.

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We officially expand to 20 over Hypergard branches for the last two years across Peninsular Malaysia and also with more outlets are to be opening soon.


Hypergard advanced and excellent coating & laminating technology, we could succeed in development and mass production of high quality heat shielding film for Automotive.


Hypergard window film for Automotive used can provide owners with comfortable driving reducing heat and glare, our full ranged products are designed to provide excellent sun control and UV protection Especially our ceramic IR films offer the highest infra-red rejection.

Hypergard supplies automative tinting film and installation services to all types of vehicle. Automotive films are available in a variety of colors and shades with different light transmission levels to suit different individual's needs.

Our tinting films reject significantly more heat and solar energy than ordinary films. Depending on your selection, our films can reject up to 78 percent of the sun's total energy.

Beside that, automative tinting films increase the vehicle safety by holding the window glass together when it is broken by impact of heavy objects or accidents. Our tinting films are comply with the rules & regulations from JPJ and PUSPAKOM.


Residential tinting is important because it will protect your home and family from damaging UV rays.

Hypergard residential tinting films provide up to 80% heat and glare reduction, and all of our solar films provide you with protection from damaging ultraviolet rays by reducing UV by 99.9%.

Other benefits of residential tinting includes reduce heat and glare, increase privacy, shatter proof your glass to protect from flying glass during accidents or storms and eliminate harmful UV rays that can preserve carpets, fabrics, furniture, and wood finishes


Commercial tinting has become a neccessity to protect the working environment from heat and harmful UV rays, giving a safer and more comfortable working environments.

Hypergard commercial solar films are produced with advanced technology for clearest polyester film, and most durable and attractive films. These films are produced with a combination of high-temperature, high-shear formulation that will not peel, bubble, or delaminate due to heat or age. A durable scratch resistant coating protects the film surface against scratching caused by dirt, dust, and everyday wear and tear.

Hypergard's economy grade solar control film, which is made using single layer of ultra-high clarity polyester film having 99% block of harmful UV light.


Hypergard's 2 ply HP window films are made using 2 layers of ultra-high clarity polyester films. The combination of a metallised layer and another layer of UV protection enhanced clear dyed polyester films makes this one of the most popular film products.


Hypergard's safety films were developed for preventing trepass from outside or protecting people from outside prowerful physical impact. If safty film is attached to existing glass, possibily to get damaged by breakage is sharply decreased, also It prevents discoloration of high-quality interiors and electronics appliances by blocking harmful infrared rays in sunlight.

It is adjusted according to required level of safety or structure can be changed such as 1 layer(1ply), 2 layers(2ply), 3 layers(3ply).


Hypergard's sputtered films are manufactured using various metal alloys and sputtering them onto a layer of high clarity polyester film to achieve their outstanding color stability, durability and high performance of heat rejection and low in reflectivity. Which comes from stabilized metal-based components, no dye or pigmented coatings are ever used. FTR Sputtered films are not subject to fading or discoloration.


Hypergard's solar film, With the use of the right selection of tinted films, up to 99.9% of harmful ultraviolet rays and 95% of infra-red radiation are blocked, while allowing up to 60% visible light transmission. Rejecting solar hazards assists in keeping the temperature of the car interior cool. This eases the strain on the air-conditioning unit, resulting in overall reduced fuel consumption and savings.